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Diversity and inclusion

Turn unconscious bias into conscious action

"At Sun Life we are all committed to do our part to end systemic racism, intolerance and inequities. Integrating learning and development is critical to achieving our goal. Our ambition to be one of the best insurance and asset management companies in the world depends on active and sincere efforts to embrace diverse perspectives. We're excited to work with Hive Learning to support us in achieving our goal."

Helena Pagano

Executive Vice-President, CHRCO

"In just 3 months we’ve made a giant leap forward strengthening, and acting upon, our commitment to creating a culture of inclusion & diversity at DP World MEA with 99% of the leaders stating the initiative will drive positive change across the organization. And this is only the beginning."

Omar Sharif Al Marzooqi

Director of People Department MEA Region, DP World

"Inclusion Works from Hive Learning is the foundation on which we've built a diverse and inclusive culture."

Sam Carter

CEO, Fospha

"Inclusion Works is the freshest thinking, most innovative diversity and inclusion solution out there."

Smita Pillai

Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer, Regeneron

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Creating the conditions for diverse teams to thrive

In the last year, people flocked to digital DEI learning programs to try to actually drive their culture forward. But the reality is that delivering these programs is often time-consuming and hard to scale — and they go out of date quickly.

Companies need an agile approach to embedding inclusive behaviors in a continuous cycle and a way to make them stick.

Inclusion Works from Hive Learning is a group-based peer learning program designed to create large ripples of change across your organization.

We give people the tools to make small changes to their daily behaviors and help them rapidly learn, relearn, and respond to the changing world around them. We give your people the tools to start a movement.

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Forget unconscious bias — We focus on conscious action

Embed tiny but powerful habits of inclusion as a daily routine.

We’ll take your people on a journey from awareness to action, with bite-sized bursts of practical, actionable content – all designed to spark discussion, action, and reflection.

Plus, Workouts and Discussion Guides give your people the tools to practice inclusion on and offline.


Hive Solution

Inclusion Works is one of the most innovative, freshest thinking diversity and inclusion programs out there.

Smita Pillai

Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer, Regeneron

Designed to create ripples of change

People learn in a group to get everyone on the same page about what good looks like, fostering group accountability and FOMO for those who haven’t engaged, yet.

Peer-driven nudges keep motivation levels high and personalized recommendations keep people on track in their learning journey.

What’s more, we’ll help you identify those who are role modeling desired behaviors early and equip them with the tools to bring everyone else on the journey with them.

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There's not one silver bullet. There's 500,000 tiny little bullets you have to shoot all at the same time.

Aubrey Blanche

Director of Equitable Design, Product & People, Culture Amp

Customized for every stage in the DEI journey

Choose from our content library of over 50 pathways, and design your program using content off-the-shelf or to customize.

From understanding why DEI matters, to stripping bias out of decision making, to building an antiracist organization, you can build a unique program based on your stage in the culture change journey.

Then choose from our playbook strategies to crack even the hardest to reach audiences from CEOs to grads. Whatever your needs, we’ll work with you to build psychological safety and comfort with sharing fast.

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Measurable impact and ROI

We typically see 88% of participants on our programs take action on what they’ve learned.

You can have confidence that you’ll go from 100s of hours a year spent on face-to-face training to delivering an experiential learning journey digitally for a fraction of the cost, with 10X better results.

We’ll jointly own your success measures and map the data we collect to the business outcomes you need to deliver.

And we’ll use that data to iterate and adapt your program so you can track cultural shifts over time.

What else makes our programs powerful?

Available to deploy in multiple languages

Remove language as a barrier to learning

Scalable cohort based deployment

Deliver 10 to 10,000 cohorts simultaneously

Easy campaign management and engagement strategies

Use scalable engagement tools to make your job easier

Seamlessly connect to other development experiences

With everything from your own branding to integrations

Triple content model means any learner can create content

Our easy-to-use editor gives unparalleled flexibility

Consumer grade UX, mobile first

The best parts of social media create a familiar experience

Up and running in as little as two weeks

It's quick and easy to deploy, so we can help you go fast

On demand analytics and deep insight analysis

Get all the data you need at your fingertips

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Advancing diversity, equity and inclusion at a global scale

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Turning awareness into action with Hive Learning

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