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Peer Learning Platform

How our peer learning technology works

Scalable, enterprise-ready, peer learning technology

Our platform makes it easier for People Leaders to create and sustain behavior change, bringing multiple behavior change experiences under one roof.

We also make it easier for employees to put behavior change into practice, helping them form healthy habits that stick.

Every feature in our platform is designed to stimulate peer learning, fueling conversation and making behavior change contagious.

And because our platform lets you easily and scalably deliver training programs for 50 to +100,000 people, change happens fast.

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What peer learning in action looks like


monthly active usage


of learners take action on what they've learned


proactively contribute in under three months

How the basics work

Everything we do is designed to stimulate peer learning

Group-based experience

Employees learn in Groups so you can take everyone on the same journey, at the same time. Whether you're designing cohorts or communities, Groups make change ripple faster

Any learner can create content

People trust their peers more than authority figures, so we make it easy for anyone to share content, comments, or nudge others. We take familiar features from social media and apply them to work

Flexible format = endless use cases

One Group or Many. Off-the-shelf or designed by you. We do all the heavy lifting or we train your team to use our easy-to-use content authoring tool. Endless possibilities. Exceptional ROI.

We’re with you every step of the way

We'll hold your hand at every stage of your peer learning journey. We've run over 20,000 deployments so we can give you the confidence to try an innovative solution without any risk

Help people form simple habits fast

Whatever the behavior you’re trying to change, we make it easy to form healthy habits you can measure

Peer-driven nudges

Intelligent email and push notifications put peers front and center to create accountability, FOMO, and drive action

Action learning cycles

Checklists, Workouts and Action-based Nudges are the reason 88% of learners put what they've learned into action

Simple rewards systems

Reactions, polls, quizzes and notifications create an endorphin-boosting reward system to keep engagement and motivation high

Smart recommendations

Whether it's discovering what to interact with or who, our AI-driven recommendation engine helps people form a valuable relationship with learning

Create a seamless development experience

It’s easy to learn any time, anywhere, for admins and learners

Mobile-first, consumer grade UX

Our mobile-first, consumer grade user experience matches experiences people are used to in their personal lives, making adoption easier and faster

Seamlessly blend into your ecosystem

Easily deploy custom branding and white label your peer learning solution so it feels like yours. You can even add your own App to your Corporate App Store

Get into the flow of work with integrations

Seamless integrations with tools like MS Teams and Slack make it easy for people to stay up-to-date with and dip into the latest peer learning activity as it happens

Remove language as a barrier to learning

Deploy in multiple languages to bring together your disconnected and dispersed workforce to learn side by side - whatever language they speak. Think global and act local

Deploy quickly, scalably, and flexibly

Get up and running in as little as two weeks

Easily test, iterate, and adapt

Easily run impactful experiments and use real-time analytics to understand how change is rippling across your organization and adapt as you go

Fully packaged campaign management

Campaign management lets you effortlessly deploy comms, schedule content, nudges, notifications and more to multiple cohorts simultaneously

Easy cohort management

Take the headache out of cohort management and deliver multiple experiential programs to 100s of cohorts at the same time

Flexible Group structure

From programmatic delivery to large-scale communities, our flexible Group structure means you can seamlessly run both in tandem

Insights you just can’t get anywhere else

Track shifts in behavior over time and unlock tools to democratize talent development

Watch change happen with pulse checks

Embed easy-to-deploy pulse checks right across your solution so you can track and measure shifts in sentiment over time or quickly take the temperature on critical issues

Identify bright spots

Find out who is role modeling desired behaviors so you can reward performance and give early adopters the tools to bring peers with them on the journey

Get your own Learning Culture Score

Use our Learning Culture Score to understand the impact of learning including who is engaging, who is taking action, and who is sharing with their peers

Personalized recommendations for your organization

Our analysts will work with you to develop a customized peer learning playbook based on your unique stage in the culture change journey, performance, receptiveness to change and more

"Hive Learning has changed the way we connect with our people. It has made it possible to share ideas and experiences in an engaging way, and enabled greater collaboration across geographical boundaries during challenging times."

Richard Drake

Managing Director, Babcock DST

"Halma Hub is a focal point for learning, sharing best practice and networking across the group at a much deeper level than just the most senior ranks. This has accelerated the pace of change and collaboration between the companies."

Andrew Williams

CEO, Halma

"Our ambition to be one of the best insurance and asset management companies in the world depends on active and sincere efforts to embrace diverse perspectives. We’re excited to work with Hive Learning to support us in achieving our goal."

Helena Pagano

Executive Vice-President, Chief Human Resources and Communications Officer, Sun Life

"Hive Learning really helped connect all our line managers as a community. It’s helped conversations flow, not only within the UK, but across the market internationally. These conversations just weren’t happening before. It’s been really transformational."

Hannah Moger

Leadership Development Manager, Jaguar Land Rover

"We have over 300 people in our community now who are collaborating, sharing and accessing resources. That’s something we thought we might have got to at the end of the year, but we’ve been able to do that in a couple of weeks."

Gemma Paterson

Head of Development Experiences and Innovation, Legal & General

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