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Reduce the headache of learning delivery and double your learning outcomes

Stop spending 100s of hours a year managing 100s of platforms. Start managing your complex learning programmes with just one interface for L&D and a seamless experience for your learners.


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We help the world’s most forward-thinking enterprises turn learning into doing while saving talent teams 100s of hours every month


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Why Hive Learning

More agile, more effective, more efficient

Most learning teams today use a whole host of different Specialist platforms to design and deliver their learning programmes. Most of these platforms do a few select jobs really well.

But the challenge most L&D teams have is that managing 100s of learning programmes across 100s of platforms can be so time-consuming it often feels like an impossible task.

For some of us, it feels like we’ve unintentionally created a monster that leaves us feeling burned out.

What’s worse, even our most well-intentioned learners are feeling overwhelmed and are constantly forgetting to put what they’ve learned into practice.

That’s where Hive Learning comes in. We’ll help you tame your tech stack and make sure learners actually put what they’ve learned into practice.

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“We are excited about anyone who is trying to invigorate and energize the market with some fresh thinking. That’s why we’re excited about the work Hive Learning is doing.”

David Perring

Director of Research, Fosway Group


What does Hive Learning’s solution actually look like?

AI-driven Programme Management Platform, group-based platform

AI-driven Programme Management Platform, group-based platform

Create and build group-based learning programmes quickly from just one intuitive interface, with deep integrations that enable automated cohort management for 1000s of cohorts.

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One-of-a-kind Engagement Engine

One-of-a-kind Engagement Engine

Close the Intent to Action gap and deploy nudges, action reminders, and pulse surveys through Teams, Calendar, Email, App notifications, plus our Conversational AI Learning Bot.

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Off-the-shelf library of Learning Sprints

Off-the-shelf library of Learning Sprints

Access Learning Sprints in 30+ languages covering leadership development, innovation, and more. Plus, content and facilitation partners will be ready the moment you need them.

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Unparalleled support

Unparalleled support

Use our team of integration and programme design specialists to take care of the heavy lifting for your deployment so you can focus on the stuff that really matters.

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Over the past ten years, we’ve built a community of some of the world’s most innovative L&D and Talent Leaders.

Between us, we’re innovating on what best practice looks like for the new frontiers that People Leaders are facing into.

Join our community for access to exclusive events, best practice guides, and studies on what it takes to create great learning outcomes without burning yourself and your team out.

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