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Hive Learning helps organisations grow by embedding the behaviors critical for growth.

Help your people learn together anytime, anywhere, everyday. And stay ready for what’s next.

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“We're constantly pushing the limits of change within our workplace. Hive Learning helps us embed daily learning habits to drive positive behaviors we can measure. The Hive Learning team are an absolute pleasure and joy to work with, a true partner.”

Rachel Denmeade Inchcape

Personalized learning

Our mobile-first, group learning platform makes it easy for people to discover the resources and pathways most relevant to them. Find what’s relevant, what’s popular and what people like you found useful. Regular nudges and notifications are designed to activate learning based on when, where and how everyone learns best.

Transformational content

Bring your own, integrate with other experiences, or follow one of our action-based guided content programmes that drive behavior change in specialist areas like Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership Development, and Growth Mindset. Our bitesize multimedia content format is designed to engage, inspire and provoke knowledge-sharing through comments, liking, sharing, polls, and other viral features.

“ Hive Learning underpins our leadership programs. A consumer grade UX means it’s willingly adopted by our people and more than 60% of resources are created by learners.”

HR Director, global ecommerce leader
Daily habit

Daily action

Powerful nudges and notifications combined with action steps – regular reminders to put the things you’ve learned into practice – help you form new high performance habits with impact you can measure.

“We have people all over the world. We had to find a tool to bring teams together and provide one single source of information. This helps us achieve a higher level of knowledge sharing and expand what’s possible for our organization.”

Silke Grosse-Hornke, Learning & Development Specialist, Innogy
Delivery partner

Delivery partners

Our technology is the foundation, our content forms the building blocks and our learning activation specialists bring your learning architecture to life. Technology alone can’t drive behaviour change – that’s why our learning activation specialists will work with you to create tailored ongoing engagement strategies that short circuit the lifecycle of learning; see the impact in weeks not years.

“ Jaguar Land Rover use the Hive app. We’ve just expanded it to around 5,000 line managers and we use that to encourage and foster collaboration with the cohorts to share their experiences to practice what they’ve learned in the workshop.”

Kirsty Pitcher, Global Talent & Executive Development Director, JLR
Better results

Measurable impact

We focus on delivering tangible business outcomes. Whatever the change, whoever the people, our action-based solutions focus on helping your people make small changes that will drive your organisation forward every day. See the impact that Hive Learning is having on critical KPIs like engagement, retention and skills, as well as the evolution of the mindsets and behaviors critical for growth in your organization.

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