The collaborative learning platform for leaders, teams and organisations

Hive Learning helps groups of people all over the world improve together every day by accessing and developing learning resources anytime, anywhere.

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Trusted by many to be the place where change happens

“We're constantly pushing the limits of change within our workplace. Hive Learning helps us embed daily learning habits to drive positive behaviours we can measure. The Hive Learning team are an absolute pleasure and joy to work with, a true partner.”

Rachel Denmeade Inchcape

Collaborative experiences that make change happen

Whatever the change, whoever the people, a Hive is a digital group where the right resources can be constantly used and developed. From leadership teams of ten to professional communities of tens of thousands, we’re the companion for the change you want to drive.

Designed for flexible on-the-go teams

With 65% of usage on mobile devices and a seamless set of apps and integratable web tools, we’re built to embrace the full power of your mobile workforce.

“We have people all over the world. We had to find a tool to bring teams together and provide one single source of information. This helps us achieve a higher level of knowledge sharing and expand what's possible for our organisation.”

Silke Grosse-Hornke, Learning & Development Specialist, Innogy

Build daily habits

With more than 50% of usage outside office hours, we’re our users’ most productive digital habit.

“Hive Learning underpins our leadership programs. A consumer grade UX means it’s willingly adopted by our people and more than 60% of resources are created by learners.”

HR Director, global ecommerce leader

Proven behaviour changes

We’re proven to increase retention and application of learning by more than 50%. And our on-demand analytics give you the evidence to demonstrate impact and the data to make change happen faster.

“Jaguar Land Rover use the Hive app. We’ve just expanded it to around 5,000 line managers and we use that to encourage and foster collaboration with the cohorts to share their experiences to practice what they’ve learnt in the workshop.”

Kirsty Pitcher, Global Talent & Executive Development Director, JLR

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