Put learning into action


An agile delivery partner

Culture change doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why every Hive Learning partner gets access to our services team – beyond just implementation. Our clients view our Activation specialists as an extension of their team. Advanced and Pro activation packages are also available based on your organisation’s unique needs.


A test and learn approach

Our Learning Activation team work with every client to identify purpose and vision, before designing and launching your programme based on factors like how receptive your people are to change, and the areas you need to deliver the fastest impact. We’ll take a test and learn approach to reviewing and measuring your progress, and adapting learning delivery as a result.

Access our Activation Playbook

As a Hive Learning client, we’ll give you exclusive access to our Learning Activation Playbook. Compiled based on our history of delivering powerful change experiences for the likes of Sky, Jaguar Land Rover and Barclays, the Playbook contains unique strategies for achieving critical business outcomes and putting learning into action.


Power up with Accelerate Services

As specialists in driving learning, collaboration and innovation at scale, our experts can provide a range of specialist services in areas like content strategy, community management, user activation, continuous engagement strategies, event capture, best practice training and branding.


Agile product development

From new technologies to new competitors and consumer demands, the rate of change has never been higher. Our light, lean, powerful platform has been built so we can adapt and evolve at lightning speed. We’ll ask for your ongoing feedback and build your future needs into our product roadmap.


Measurable results

Only 8% of CEOs see the business impact of L&D (LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report), but Hive Learning clients can pay back their costs in as little as 3 weeks. Our mission is to shift perceptions within the ‘C’ suite and prove behaviour change is possible in the workplace. We’ll work with you to do just that.

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