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Why changing your values won’t change your culture

How many times have you encountered a company with a set a values that didn’t match their actions? “Culture” has become synonymous with “Values,” and often organisations think that changing their values will change their culture. But here’s the thing, we all know that’s not how behaviour change happens.

In the latest episode of Inclusion Works, we sat down with Sonja Gittens Ottley, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Asana. From the beginning, Asana’s leadership has been laser focused on building a culture that is inclusive. They approach inclusion in the same way they approach the building of their products; in a really intentional way.

Culture is about more than just team outings or free lunch at the office… It’s about ensuring that you’re prioritising the creators of your product and making sure all of their voices are heard. Because when people feel comfortable in their workplace, they contribute more to your business.

Culture is not a set of cute, clever statements you can easily rattle off or spray paint on your walls. It’s about behaviour shift.

Listen to our interview with Sonja now in your favourite podcast app or by clicking here.

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