Wellbeing Works peer learning programme

Building a supportive and open culture of wellbeing

We’re in the midst of a mental health crisis. In any given year, 1 in 4 individuals will experience some form of mental illness. Never before have so many people at work struggled with anxiety, burnout and other serious mental health conditions.

This means lost revenue, productivity and absenteeism for businesses — at an estimated cost of £42 billion per year in the UK alone.

Leaders and managers are the critical lynchpins. They set the tone of their team’s culture, and let’s be real — they’re often the source of stress and burnout — and ironically often suffering it themselves.

But while nearly half of people managers have been approached with a mental health issue, less than a third have received training on how to respond — let alone how to proactively create a culture where people feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to work and reducing the stigma.

Equip leaders with the tools to support their team’s mental health

Wellbeing Works gives leaders straight-talking tools, tips and techniques to support mental health and create a culture of candour and trust that enhances employee wellbeing digitally and face-to-face.

The programme takes your leaders on a journey from understanding mental health and its risks and opportunities, to actively championing wellbeing and building a culture of trust and openness.

Participants work through straight-talking practical tools, tips and techniques with their peers, discussing and sharing real-time. The social element is crucial, as sharing challenges helps lessen the emotional load and opening up a conversation about mental health reduces its stigma. With a longer-lasting digital toolkit, leaders can dip in to use and reuse so the learning sticks.

A true partnership

Behaviour change doesn’t happen overnight. And we get it. It’s notoriously difficult to engage senior leaders in digital learning especially in times of crisis.

But we’ve done it. Many times. We’ve literally written a playbook on it. We see weekly active usage of up to 90% and in fact, 88% of learners on our programmes take action on what they’ve learnt.

No person, no business and no culture is the same. So we’ll work with you to adapt our programmes to your culture, deploy quickly, keep engagement levels high and provide rich insight along the way.

Measure. Tailor. Watch change happen.

We’ll start your programme by taking a pulse check of your organisation to help you understand which areas you need to focus on most.

Our flexible and agile content formulation will help you mix and match the right content for your teams based on your most pressing priorities so we can deliver them with relevant, interactive bursts of bite-sized learning.

And our regular pulse checks, predictive analytics and powerful insights will give you the tools to report, track and measure the impact of your programmes so you can watch change happen.

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