US election and politics at work

US election and politics at work

Politics can be a tricky subject to talk about at work. But the recent US elections are one political hot topic that has been impossible to ignore, whatever side of the debate you’re on. By setting the right ground rules organizations can encourage a culture of psychological safety and empower their people to learn from and empathize with each other.

Following the recent US elections, we’ve created some easy to follow guides that managers can take away to help facilitate respectful conversations about politics at work. We’ve also released a guide to help you make sense of Trump’s Executive Order on Combatting Race and Sex Stereotyping, and what this means for your DEI training.

Trump’s executive order on DEI training is in place until January at least; here’s what it means

We've put together a short guide on the ins and outs of this new order to give you a starter for 10.

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Does politics have a place at work?

Should things that take over the news, like an election or a movement, stay out of the workplace, or do we actually need to talk about it?

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Set ground rules for political debate at work

As voters process their feelings around the election. But rather than attempt to stop the conversation, we need to shape the spaces they're happening in.

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