This Got Us Thinking

This Got Us Thinking is a weekly blog that brings you easy-going nudges to think differently, do differently and experiment with how to be more inclusive.

Each week, we dip into the unanswerable, nuanced and gray areas of inclusion and offer, not answers, but inklings.

You can request a topic to be covered by the This Got Us Thinking series reaching out to us here.

This Got Us Thinking: can we still appreciate the work of flawed artists?

R. Kelly's music is unlikely to air on the radio — but it is still widely available. Anyone could still choose to listen to it if they wanted to. Should they?

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This Got Us Thinking: the rise in anti-Semitic rhetoric

Recently grime artist Wiley appeared in the news after posting a number of anti-Semitic Tweets. After severe backlash from the public and a Twitter ban

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This Got Us Thinking: how do you address uncomfortable truths

At Hive Learning we’ve been hosting weekly informal talks about systemic racism, the Black Lives Matter movement and the legacy of slavery. This got us thinking

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This Got Us Thinking: is this reel representation?

John Boyega called out the Star Wars franchise for downgrading their first Black protagonist to a support act. So what does true representation look like?

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This Got Us Thinking: what does Covid-19 mean for gender equality?

In our latest This Got Us Thinking post we look at the effect Covid-19 has had on gender equality.

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This Got Us Thinking: what if working from home isn't a Utopia for all?

While working from home has been a great transition for some, what about those who are struggling?

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This Got Us Thinking: should you give up on winning hearts and minds?

In matters of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), we’re often told we need to win hearts and minds. But is that enough?

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This Got Us Thinking: what do you do about people that have it all wrong?

On Tuesday July 7th, 150 signatories put their name to an open letter calling for the end of cancel culture and ideological conformity.

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This Got Us Thinking: what if we're on the edge of a mental health crisis?

Many companies responded immediately to the growing need for mental health support. How do we keep our efforts sustainable and avoid a mental health crisis?

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This Got Us Thinking: when will D&I work pay the employees on the ground?

Does your company treat certain types of D&I work as a hobby that employees should do for free?

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