State of DEI 2020-2021

The state of diversity, equity and inclusion 2020-2021

The events of 2020 threw plenty of curveballs at organizations and those advancing diversity, equity and inclusion within them. Expectations for organizations and those leading them changed — DEI was added to the C-Suite agenda as a matter of priority.

We spoke to DEI leaders in some of the world’s most influential organizations and distilled their insights. We share how they’re navigating a new world of digital DEI, plus how they’re embedding DEI as everyone’s responsibility in our latest pulse report, State of DEI in 2021.

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Pulse report — State of DEI 2020-2021

2020 was challenging and transformative for DEI. We gathered insights from DEI experts to share what they did in 2020 and what their priorities are for 2021.

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Inclusion Works — What’s to come for diversity, equity and inclusion in 2021

Listen to a 15-minute, bitesize deep dive into the key themes from the State of DEI 2020-2021 pulse report on the Inclusion Works podcast.

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How 2020 created new dimensions and priorities in DEI

COVID-19 and the BLM movement changed diversity and inclusion in 2020. We spoke to industry leaders to find out what the biggest changes were.

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How diversity, equity and inclusion became a C-Suite priority

CEOs have a new priority: the advancement of equity at work. Find out how DEI leaders and the C-Suite are working together to advance equity at work.

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The moment DEI became everyone's responsibility

Diversity, equity and inclusion aren't someone's job, it's everyone's responsibility. Find out how DEI leaders are embedding this in their organization.

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Is digital DEI here to stay?

How do you build inclusion digitally? We spoke to DEI leaders about the challenges of doing DEI digitally and how to build psychological safety online.

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2021 and the future of DEI

We spoke to DEI changemakers about what leaders in the diversity and inclusion industry need to do in 2021. Read on for practical tips and insights.

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