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Hive Learning Services is a division of Hive Learning which has grown from our expertise in how people learn, develop and change behaviour to achieve higher performance.

We have designed a suite of packages and services that unlock the use of Hive Learning across a team or an organisation.

Organisational Support

Our implementation and support packages vary in resource and intensity based on your organisational needs. The variables include; set-up, configuration, administration support, account management, community management, training, customisation and data & insight reports.

Training and Events

Changing behaviour is hard and adopting new technology for most isn’t easy. Training will make your users six times more likely to adopt the tool and utilise it effectively. We provide a range of training options, from one-to-one or group live sessions, to activity based workshops and online webinars. We also build customised training around your organisational needs and vision.

Consultancy and Implementation

We are passionate about high performance and digital transformation. We know that you can never replace the impact of face-to-face learning, but with the right tools, approach and know-how, you can make those hours count for so much more. We have a network of consultants and senior Hive Learning staff that have spent the last two years working with the world’s leading sports organisations and teams, as well as the UK’s most progressive businesses, schools and institutes. We offer both general consultancy and implementation strategy and best practice.

Content Transformation

It’s true, content is king. Great content brings organisational learning to life and Hive Learning enables your team to make it their own, organised in the way they want it, and mobile - making life-long learning a reality. Our content team can do anything from on-boarding your existing materials - which will transform their utility, to helping design new templates and information.

Next-Generation CPD

Here at Hive Learning we believe that traditional Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is rarely more than a box ticking exercise, and is hardly ever mobile, which we know is fundamental for capturing that unpredictable moment when you are most likely to reflect. Many organisations work with us to revolutionise their CPD into truly year-round, life-long conversations. We have a suite of traditional submission tools available within Hive Learning and we are also able to integrate with your existing systems.

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