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Diversity and Inclusion

Listen: The formula for being a great ally

This is the second episode of a three-part special series on allyship.

The vast majority of people are well-intentioned and want to be inclusive – but various factors hold them back from stepping up to be an ally. In this episode we dive into the barriers to allyship, and some practical tips to overcome them — including some critique of call-out culture and its nasty older brother cancel culture.

Thanks to our expert guests Daisy Auger-Dominguez, Chief People Officer at VICE Media; Karen Brown, founder of Bridge Arrow; Karen Catlin, author of Better Allies; Sonja Gittens Ottley, Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Asana; Sumaya Sherif, Director of Operations for Ally Squared; Toby Mildon, Diversity & Inclusion architect at Mildon and host of The Inclusive Growth Show podcast.



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This resource was taken from our Inclusion Works programme, which was created with a network of more than +100 diverse contributors and advisers. We learn from, amplify and cite creators of different races, ethnicities, genders and cognitive styles and continually work to represent all dimensions of diversity.