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Diversity and Inclusion

Listen: Motivating allyship

This is the third episode of a three-part special series on allyship.

What makes a great ally? In this episode, we’ll break down the 5 keys to be an effective, non-performative ally — including dozens of practical actions you can take in your organization right away.

Thanks to our guests Corey Flournoy, the Global Head of Inclusion and Diversity at Groupon; Daisy Auger-Dominguez, Chief People Officer at VICE Media; Julie Kratz, a TEDx speaker, inclusive leadership trainer, and the author of the book Lead Like an Ally; Karen Catlin, author of Better Allies; Nichelle Grant, the Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Siemens USA; Toby Mildon, Diversity & Inclusion architect at Mildon and host of the podcast The Inclusive Growth Show.



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This resource was taken from our Inclusion Works programme, which was created with a network of more than +100 diverse contributors and advisers. We learn from, amplify and cite creators of different races, ethnicities, genders and cognitive styles and continually work to represent all dimensions of diversity.