Why Hive Learning?

Collaboration at the core

With opportunities for peer-generated content and social elements like commenting, liking and sharing, Hive Learning enables a modern social learning experience.

Amplify the impact of your LMS

Use your LMS to store learning records and content. Integrate with Hive Learning to deliver a mobile experience that amplifies engagement with your learning content and feeds back data to your LMS.

Your complete learning ecosystem

Create your whole learning and group-collaboration system in Hive Learning. Combine stimulating content with a social experience, and create guided learning pathways that increase learner retention 1.5X.

Measurable on-demand analytics

Use our powerful analytics to understand who is engaging, where, and how. Then work with our Activation Specialists to unlock unique insight that will shape your strategy.

Clever contextual experiences with Artificial Intelligence

AI-identified best of the web content published directly into Hive Learning groups increases relevance and saves you time.

Easy-to-create interactive resources

Any user can build engaging cards and topics from digital media: photos, videos, text, documents, links, podcasts, quizzes, polls and more. Plus save and share content in a couple of clicks.

High impact alerts and notifications

Email and app notifications bring users back to the platform to learn what’s personally important.

activity feed

Personalised activity feed

Discover new resources and discussion as you scroll. Quickly see where the buzz is within a Group.



all devices

Works across all devices and platforms

One powerful platform is delivered via our Apple and Android apps (with offline access) or any browser.


Supercharge engagement with groups

Groups are spaces for one person or a hundred thousand people to collaborate around learning content they have in common.


Highly configurable onboarding

Our customisable journeys enable you to engage users with your programme to deliver the outcomes important to you.


Powerful permissions

Group owners control the group sharing and collaboration dynamics from completely locked down and private to open and discoverable.


Deliver a learning experience branded to your organization

White-label our platform with your branding across browser and native apps, including subdomains, onboarding journeys and email notifications.

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