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Programmatic, peer driven learning

A unique formula designed to create, sustain, and embed culture change at scale

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Re-watch our session on 'the science of social learning and how to use it to create long-lasting behaviour change'

What you'll learn

Want to know how the UK's most forward-thinking people leaders are thinking about accelerating and embedding culture change at scale? Legal and General's Head of People Development Experiences and Innovation, Gemma Paterson, and Virgin Money's Senior Manager of Talent and Leadership, Scott McNair, have the answers.

Missed the session but want a download?

Missed the session but want to understand more about the science of social learning and why it's so effective at creating behaviour change, get tips on how to get sky high engagement, and ideas on how to measure behaviour change (not content completions)? Book in a time to speak with one of our Culture Change Specialists for a full download.


more likely to form a learning habit


programs and networks delivered


take action on what they’ve learned

The problem we help organisations solve

In the past two years, the power dynamics between employers and employees have fundamentally changed. In a world of complex and competing priorities where we’re asking our leaders to put new things on their plate all the time, organizations need an agile approach to embedding new behaviors quickly, at scale, and a new way to make them stick.

Our approach uses network science and nudge theory to create what we call ‘peer learning’. It takes the behaviour change motion out of your hands as a People Leader and puts it directly into the hands of your people – creating shared understanding, accountability, and ownership.

So behaviour change is more likely to stick. And delivery is less of a headache.

Understand the science
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"We are excited about anyone who is trying to invigorate and energize the market with some fresh thinking. That’s why we’re excited about the work Hive Learning is doing."

David Perring

Director of Research, Fosway Group

Fosway Group

So what does Hive Learning's solution actually look like?

Peer learning platform

Every feature is designed to stimulate peer learning. Plus, our platform is super flexible, secure, and enterprise-ready

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Peer learning programmes

Our programmatic experiences come fully managed with content and campaigns - all either off-the-shelf, to customise, or create your own

Discover programmes  

Culture change specialists

Our experts have delivered over 22,000 peer learning experiences. They'll stage manage and coach you through every step of the journey

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Data and insight

We'll help you build a picture of what's actually happening in your organisation, with tailored recommendations on what to do next

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Seamlessly integrated into your ecosystem

We know that your learners are busier than they’ve ever been before.

So we know that if we want to make it easy for people to put what they’ve learned into action, we need to nudge them to put learning into action in the flow of work (without being annoying) and make it easy for them to access learning the moment they need it, from the places where they spend most of their day. 

That’s why Hive Learning integrates seamlessly into your ecosystem, with deep integrations into the Microsoft ecosystem and far beyond.

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Hive Learning Microsoft Teams and Sharepoint integration
Culture Change Summit

Wish it was easier to activate your whole workforce to take ownership of change?

Join us on May 26th for our Secrets of Scaling Culture Change Virtual Summit

Why attend?

We’ve built up millions of data points on what it takes to create culture change at scale, deploying more than 20,000 culture change programmes. But we also know that we'll never have all the answers and that the best way to learn is to look outside your own organisation. So join us to get practical advice from people scaling culture change, ideas from some of the world's most forward thinking innovators and connect with your peers.

"Our ambition to be one of the best insurance and asset management companies in the world depends on active and sincere efforts to embrace diverse perspectives. We’re excited to work with Hive Learning to support us in achieving our goal."

Helena Pagano

Executive Vice-President, Chief Human Resources and Communications Officer at Sun Life

See our Case Study

"One thing that's unique about Hive learning is that Volunteers will add comments or give each other advice that takes the learning content and builds on it. For me, peer learning is so powerful, especially in a supportive community like ours. "

Sarah Kendrick

Clinical Director

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"Hive Learning has changed the way we connect with our people. It has made it possible to share ideas and experiences in an engaging way, and enabled greater collaboration across geographical boundaries during challenging times."

Richard Drake

Managing Director, Babcock DST

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"We have over 300 people in that community now who are collaborating, sharing and accessing resources. That’s something we might have got to at the end of 2020, but we’ve been able to do that in a couple of weeks."

Gemma Paterson

Head of Development Experiences and Innovation, Legal & General

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