Leadership Works peer learning programme

Help leaders survive and thrive

CEB research says that the average company went through 5 major transformations in the last 3 years; 75% expect that to multiply. Today we need leaders who are agile, collaborative and who can embrace and champion change. Because if they don’t, neither they nor their organisations will survive.

In today’s world of always-on transformation, everyday learning and constant change must become the heartbeat of our organisations. So our leaders must have the tools to embrace, champion and accelerate that change so we can all get better together everyday.

Build high-performance habits in change-ready leaders

Leadership Works from Hive Learning is a digital toolkit for developing collaborative leaders who can accelerate the pace of change in your organisation.

Relevant to both new and experienced leaders alike, Leadership Works takes leaders on a journey from awareness to action, going beyond theory and distilling concepts critical for high performance into 15 minute actionable guides.

Leaders will learn practical tools and immediately actionable tactics on how to champion, navigate and manage change, innovate and foster high performance in an agile and collaborative way.

Enable a culture of everyday learning

Highly personalised nudges and pulse checks will encourage leaders to practice what they’ve learnt, reflect and share with their peers – making collaborative leadership a daily habit.

While their peer learning community on Hive Learning will help them scale that collaborative approach – in their teams and globally.

Leadership Works is an excellent precursor to developing your own innovation networks, where leaders can learn from one another and collaborate on the most pressing challenges your organisation faces everyday.

Access proven techniques for engaging senior leaders

Behaviour change doesn’t happen overnight. And we get it. It’s notoriously difficult to engage senior leaders in digital learning.

But we’ve done it. Many times. We’ve literally written a playbook on it.

In fact, our expertise in activating learning in senior audiences took a senior audience in a major commercial bank from passive readers to everyday collaborators in 2 years – with 95% of leaders proactively sharing their learnings. Together, we flipped industry averages on their head.

No person, no business and no culture is the same. So we’ll work with you to adapt our programmes to your culture, keep engagement levels high and provide rich insight along the way.

Measure. Tailor. Watch change happen.

We’ll start your programme by taking a pulse check of your organisation to help you understand which areas you need to focus on most.

Our flexible and agile content formulation will help you mix and match the right content for your teams based on your most pressing priorities so we can deliver them with relevant, interactive bursts of bitesize learning.

And our regular pulse checks, predictive analytics and powerful insights will give you the tools to report, track and measure the impact of your programmes so you can watch change happen.

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