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Microsoft Integrations Suite

Accelerate your culture change journey with a connected development experience

About our Microsoft Integrations Suite

Hive learning integrates seamlessly into your Microsoft ecosystem, providing you and your learners with a connected development experience to amplify learning, change habits and behaviours and accelerate culture change all in the flow of work. 

Every feature in our Microsoft Integrations Suite is designed using our five pillars of peer learning to activate network effects, increase accountability, create FOMO, and make it easy for form new habits so you can embed long lasting behavior change.

Hive Learning Conversation Dashboard Image

Easily keep on top of and contribute to meaningful conversations

Learners will be notified about new and trending conversations from within Teams to keep FOMO and accountability high. What’s more, they can respond and comment on conversations they’re a part of in real time from within the app. 


Our Intelligent Nudge Engine makes it easy to know what’s important, without being distracting

Intelligent nudges in Microsoft Teams make sure that learners get notified about new conversations, content, and responses at a frequency to work in harmony with notifications across all other channels (so there’s no spam here).



Learning Program material Image

Access and search Hive Learning program materials via Teams

Learners can now search and share content from their culture change programs all within Microsoft Teams, so they can access learning the moment they need it –– all without navigating outside the flow of work. 


Plug and play with a quick, easy installation process

All integrations are easy to install without an IT team or technical support, plus our team will walk you through the whole process.

SharePoint Widget Image

Quickly navigate to Hive Learning groups with our SharePoint widget

Our widgets allow you to feature Groups on Hive Learning from within your SharePoint dashboard, keeping learning programs top of mind and helping learners move seamlessly between experiences in just one click 


Easily share, link and manage documents from SharePoint 

Share documents from SharePoint directly into the Hive Learning platform in just a couple of clicks. Changes and updates to documents will also be updated in real time making it easy to access , manage and share relevant materials all in one place.