Innovation Works peer learning programme

Help leaders innovate everyday

Just half of the companies on the S&P 500 will still exist in a decade. And yet, when it comes to what they ask of their people, most organisations still focus on asking people to de-risk rather than drive them forward. The truth remains that the only way for organisations to survive today is to continuously innovate.

But for them to be able to do that, people need to understand what it takes to innovate everyday and then form positive innovation habits to increase creative abrasion, get more executable ideas, and increase performance and productivity daily.

Beat the competition

Innovation Works from Hive Learning will help your people understand what it takes to beat the competition, form habits that foster innovation daily and collaborate across the world on ideas to drive your organisation forward.

Take your people on a journey from awareness through to action. Content spans critical concepts like growth mindset, embracing failure, creating conditions for innovation, getting curious and being customer obsessed – with a series of playbooks leaders can apply straight away.

What’s more, we can also create custom content for your industry on request.

Innovation programmes on Hive Learning typically see up to 90% of participants proactively sharing with their peers. What’s more, they do it 65% on mobile and 50% outside office hours. They’ve resulted in the creation of entirely new business models which have even contributed to a 10% increase in overall profitability.

Help your people learn together every day

Highly personalised nudges and pulse checks will encourage leaders to practice what they’ve learnt, reflect and share with their peers – making collaborative leadership a daily habit.

While their peer learning community on Hive Learning will help them scale that collaborative approach to innovation – in their teams and globally.

Innovation Works is an excellent companion for your own global innovation networks – help leaders get comfortable with what it takes to innovate, and then give them the tools to learn from one another and collaborate on the most pressing challenges your organisation faces everyday.

Measure. Tailor. Watch change happen.

Our flexible and agile content formulation will help you mix and match the right content for your teams based on your most pressing priorities so we can deliver them with relevant, interactive bursts of bitesize learning.

And our regular pulse checks, predictive analytics and powerful insights will give you the tools to report, track and measure the impact of your programmes so you can watch innovation happen.

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