Inclusion Works Workouts for Antiracism

Having conversations that help us learn and unlearn is key to antiracism work. Change happens when we share our stories and listen to others. That’s why we created our Workouts — session guides that help teams develop shared understanding, find common ground and empathize with experiences different from their own.

Our Workouts are more than discussions. They’re comprehensive guides that include everything a manager needs (e.g. a checklist, talking points, additional assets like handouts) to run an interactive session with their team. Workouts are designed to be fun, collaborative activities that end with ideas for actions to take after the session.

Affinity bias and you: Evaluate your inner circle

This Inclusion Works Workout reveals how affinity bias influences our social circles and gives practical tips on how to overcome affinity bias at work.

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Defy stereotypes: I am, but I am not

This Inclusion Works Workout is an interactive session to understand the ways we're sometimes judged and the stereotypes we can break down by being ourselves.

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Set expectations: Address problematic language

This Inclusion Works Workout allows everyone to contribute to an inclusive team glossary by making space to talk about problematic phrases and microaggressions.

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Black Lives Matter: Discussion Guides

These discussion guides are designed for colleagues to talk about systemic racism, the legacy of slavery, the Black Lives Matter movement and antiracism.

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UK Black History Month Discussion Guides

These discussion guides are designed for colleagues to talk about the Black British experience, and systemic and everyday racism in the UK.

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