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Why diversity matters

Diversity is good for business. Not just for the obvious reasons, like because it’s the right thing to do. There’s a raft of research that shows that diversity significantly impacts the bottom line, plus many more non-financial measures of success.

But most research in the inclusion space is published once a year and doesn’t shed any light on the real challenges of building an inclusive culture or share any practical or impactful advice on how to make progress.

Put inclusion into action

That’s why Hive Learning launched Inclusion Works FRONTLINE — a series of bite-sized action-oriented pulse checks reporting on the most pressing challenges inclusion leaders face.

Our goal is to uncover the root cause of these challenges and playback the powerful tactics the world’s most innovative leaders are using to put inclusion into action on the ground, every day. So we can learn together and from each other so we can all go faster.

If you have a particular challenge that you’d like to see addressed in our next round of reporting, get in touch.

Pulse report - diversity fatigue

Diversity fatigue is the new normal. Learn how to overcome it.

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Pulse report - unconscious bias training

If unconscious bias training doesn't work, what are the alternatives?

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