Inclusion Tips for Today

At Hive Learning, we’re on a mission to help people build a more inclusive world.

But in the midst of the anti-discrimination protests currently taking place worldwide, this can feel like an overwhelming and impossible task to tackle.

We believe that education is an essential starting point, and having a conversation about these issues with empathy, trust, compassion and curiosity is critical if we want to create lasting change.

So we’ve published resources from our Inclusion Works programme below which are built to give people tiny actions they can apply straight away to consciously include and overcome the systemic unconscious bias that sits at the heart of so many of our systems, and especially now.

This is a starter for 10 — we’ve favoured speed and action over perfection in publishing lots of these (which are usually deployed as a learning journey of content, conversation and reflection with your peers), so if you have any ideas or suggestions on how to make them more relevant right now, or if there’s anything else you’d like to learn about, please share with us here.

It’s a racist society and we can’t ‘just live in it’

Antiracism is all about working out what you can do to change attitudes and systems that sustain racial injustice. Here's why it should be active.

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Addressing common questions about antiracism

Here are some starting ideas and, in some cases, counterpoints for common queries in a conversation about antiracism.

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How to self-educate & ideal starting resources

An ongoing self-education about racism will help you unlearn racist patterns in your own thinking, stop ‘personalising’ racial groups, and more.

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How to identify & discuss things you want to change

To talk to others about racism, here are a few conversational tools to help you be vulnerable, clear and sincere.

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Designing antiracist policies & norms at work

When you identify something that hinders racial equality, here's how to use your expertise, contacts and sphere of influence to do something about it.

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Scenarios: how to use your privilege

Here's how to identify what the obstacles are to those less privileged than you so you can use your privilege to create an equitable outcome.

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Unpack invisible privileges

Here's how to exercise some empathy by learning about and thinking about what it is like for people on the flip side of privilege.

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Check your privilege

Why you should strive to know your privileges and check them productively.

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What is racism? And what is systemic racism?

Racism is so much more than just explicit acts of hatred or prejudice. It’s also systemic racism — a system of advantage and disadvantage based on race.

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How to have smoother conversations about Black Lives Matter

Common objections you may encounter when discussing Black Lives Matter, and ways to help you have smoother conversations on the movement.

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A message from our CEO in these turbulent times

At Hive Learning, we want to play our part in standing against racism and discrimination in any way we can, however small.

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A conversation guide

A 4-step conversation guide to support your Black colleagues with compassion.

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Quiz: Are you privileged?

What does having privilege look like? How do we know if we have it? Take our quiz to find out.

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How to talk about race & ethnicity

We've outlined some useful terms across three broad dimensions of diversity to help make you feel more confident in conversation.

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Understand your privilege

Understanding your privilege is often cited as a first and fundamental step in becoming an ally. Here’s what that actually means.

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Book Review: White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo

7 Years after coining the phrase white fragility, Robin DiAngelo unpacks her uncomfortable but game-changing concept into an intensive personal workshop.

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Three ways to have bolder conversations about diversity and inclusion

Here are 3 ways and an advanced glossary to get off the starting blocks and have bigger, deeper and bolder conversations about diversity and identity.

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D&I Glossary

Stay fluent in the rapidly evolving language of diversity and inclusion to help your conversation flow freely. Check out our glossary of D&I terms and concepts.

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How we unwittingly leave people behind

Certain groups are marginalised and this blocks diversity and inclusion. Getting clued up on the issues and what you can do will improve your acquired diversity

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5 main types of privileges

Acknowledging our own privileges can be difficult. But awareness can help us assess the impact they have on others around us.

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Why it’s best to be an ally in training

Being an ally is advocating alongside or on the behalf of groups and individuals that are underrepresented. Here are 2 key ways you can be an active ally.

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The ultimate checklist for listening as an ally

Here are some tips for getting the most out of conversations and furthering your commitment to really understand another’s perspective.

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Speak up, not over

Here are the easiest ways you can speak up for (and not over) someone.

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Book Review: The Person You Mean to Be by Dolly Chugh

This book will help you have difficult conversations, confront uncomfortable truths and not be afraid to talk about race as long as you’re willing to learn.

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Inclusion Works programme

If you want to have a conversation with us about how best to help your team make inclusion a daily habit, find out more about our programme.

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