How to be antiracist

The below forms part of our ‘How to be antiracist’ pathway in our Inclusion Works programme. For this pathway, we’ve made a conscious decision to focus on racism directed at Black people, given the current climate and Black Lives Matter movement.

We appreciate that racism is a major issue for other groups in America and around the world, and we’d love to do that justice in future content.

We also appreciate that people have different experiences of racism and are at different points in their journey learning about what they can do to combat it. This learning pathway suggests a foundation and is well suited for people at a beginner or intermediate level in their antiracism education.

For now, we’d welcome your views and experiences on all forms of racism — please join the conversation here.

It’s a racist society and we can’t ‘just live in it’

Antiracism is all about working out what you can do to change attitudes and systems that sustain racial injustice. Here's why it should be active.

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Addressing common questions about antiracism

Here are some starting ideas and, in some cases, counterpoints for common queries in a conversation about antiracism.

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How to self-educate & ideal starting resources

An ongoing self-education about racism will help you unlearn racist patterns in your own thinking, stop ‘personalising’ racial groups, and more.

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How to identify & discuss things you want to change

To talk to others about racism, here are a few conversational tools to help you be vulnerable, clear and sincere.

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Designing antiracist policies & norms at work

When you identify something that hinders racial equality, here's how to use your expertise, contacts and sphere of influence to do something about it.

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