Guided programs

Specialists in transformation

Our guided skill-building content programs are created in partnership with leading experts. We’ve curated the world’s leading sources in key areas like Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership Development and Growth Mindset and distilled them into action-based toolkits that embed the behaviors critical for growth.

Action-based delivery cycle

To create lasting behavior change, you need to inspire daily action. Our action-based delivery cycle encourages participants to ‘Discover, Practice, and Reflect’. What’s more, all content in the program is focused on guiding leaders and managers through small changes they can make today.

Measurable results

We’ll work with you to customize every program to your organization’s needs. Then we’ll focus on driving impact you can measure tied to real business outcomes. Our unique combination of technology, content and activation expertise is the reason Hive Learning comes recommended by the likes of Barclays, Sky, and Deloitte.

Preview: programs available now

Diversity and Inclusion: Kaleidoscope

Turn unconscious bias into conscious action. Kaleidoscope helps leaders and managers learn how to debias the way they attract, support and retain people across your organisation starting now.  Request an exclusive preview here.

Growth Mindset: Mindset Transform

Created with Europe’s leading Growth Mindset expert, Matthew Syed, learn what growth mindset is and how to achieve it through practical tips, inspiring stories, and focused action steps.

Leadership Development: Ignite

Create a league of high performance leaders with this pathway built on the best research and insight into powerful leadership – designed to help managers encourage, nurture and amplify high performance.

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