Growth culture

Put growth culture into action

Hive Learning’s solutions for growth culture help organisations adopt cultures of everyday learning, collaboration and innovation. From onboarding solutions designed to embed your values from day one to our scalable peer learning networks, we’ll help your people build powerful habits to drive your organisation forward everyday. We put growth culture into action.

Amplify the impact of existing programmes

71% of employees don’t feel they have the skills to survive in Industry 4.0 (and 73% of CEOs agree) according to research from Deloitte and CEB. The only way to stay ready for what’s next is to turn learning and collaboration into daily routine. Hive Learning’s combination of a mobile-first group learning platform, action-based content format, and learning activation services can wrap-around your existing growth, innovation and culture programmes to extend their impact and put culture change into action.

Guided programmes

Our guided programmes will help you develop strong leaders who are able to embrace change and at every level. Mindset Transform is a cultural change programme designed to help your people adopt a growth mindset – brought to you by Hive Learning and Matthew Syed, Europe’s pre-eminent growth mindset expert and author of Black Box Thinking.

Agile content solutions

With Your DNA, in just four weeks our inclusion and belonging experts can help you define and create a stimulating and engaging onboarding programme that gets to the heart of your organisation’s values and ways of working. Plus, access new and exclusive snackable pathways in leading growth and innovation techniques available off-the-shelf and to order.

Powerful peer networks

Hive Learning is designed to be social from the outset. We have extensive experience in supporting employee resource groups and peer networks for 10s to 10,000s of people that help employees collaborate, share knowledge, embed learning and sustain behaviour change.

Pulse checks and diagnostics

Our in-app pulse checks and diagnostics will help you take the temperature of your organisation throughout the lifecycle of your programme – and prove the impact of your brilliant work – so you can see and respond to change as it happens.

See the impact today

Hive Learning’s growth culture solutions are designed to inspire people to make the everyday behaviour changes critical for growth. 88% of participants take action based on what they’ve learnt, Hive Learning users are 10X more likely to form a learning habit and in our innovation networks, as much as 54% of content is user generated. Predictive analytics and powerful user insights will give you the tools to report, track and measure the impact of your programmes. Put behaviour change into action today.

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