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Peer learning programs

How our peer learning programs create and sustain behavior change

Accelerate the adoption of behavioral skills at scale

Peer learning programs build behavioral skills and create initial shifts in behavior quickly in areas like inclusion, mental health, and leadership.

They get everyone on the same page about what good behavior looks like, give people the tools to hold each other to account, and create FOMO for people who aren’t getting involved, yet

They take the behavior change motion out of your hands as a HR leader, and put it directly into the hands of your people who take on responsibility and make change spread.

And because we can deliver accelerator programs for cohorts of 50 to 50,000 people, that happens fast.

What a peer learning program looks like


monthly active usage


higher engagement than traditional training


of learners take action on what they've learned

Create ripples of change across your organization

Forget hours of face-to-face training, give your people the tools to start a movement

Drive action

Our programs take people from awareness to action with bite-sized, interactive toolkits that distil big concepts into 3-minute bursts of actionable learning

Make change happen on and offline

Conversation starters and Workouts encourage people to take what they've learned and put it into action with their teams, to accelerate engagement with learning

Learn with your peers

Get everyone on the same page about what good looks like; every platform feature and every piece of content is designed to spark discussion, reflection, and action

Mapped to your business needs

Design a training program based on the business outcomes you need to deliver; take a program off-the-shelf, to customize, mix and match, or create your own from scratch

Off-the-shelf or customizable to you

Whatever the behavior you’re trying to embed, our platform is designed to form habits you can measure

Measurable results

Using polls, pulse checks, deep insights, and real-time analytics, measure what matters to your business and track change over time

In-house design and delivery team

We'll help you design, build, and manage your programs using tried, tested, and tailored approaches defined over 20,000 deployments

Programmatic delivery to multiple cohorts at scale

Deploy your peer learning programs to 100s of cohorts simultaneously so you can deliver a scalable and experiential solution

Remove language as a barrier to learning

Deploy our platform and programs in multiple languages, bringing together dispersed workforces to learn side by side; think global and act local

Our programs

Diversity and inclusion

Build a culture of conscious action and everyday inclusion

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Mental Health

Help your people create a culture of trust and compassion

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Give people skills to survive and thrive in uncertain times

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Understand how to form habits that foster innovation daily

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Build capability in new and experienced leaders alike

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Your F2F program digitized

Create socially stimulating, long-lasting change programs

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"Appearing in both the Digital Learning and Learning Systems 9-Grids™ is testament to Hive Learning’s expanding portfolio of content and resources. Its differentiated approach and focus on peer-to-peer learning as well as key needs such as diversity and inclusion in particular mark it out in a competitive and growing market."

David Wilson

CEO, Fosway Group

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