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Data and insights

Everything you need to measure and manage change at scale

Get useful insights you can actually act on. Fast.

Every CHRO we’ve ever spoken to would love to understand more about their cultures –– which teams are exhibiting toxic behaviours or where the slow moving pockets of change are are.

They’d love to identify who the unknown ‘influencers’ are they need to win over to help change ripple faster or identify ‘the detractors’ and understand what’s holding them back from changing their perspectives.

And most importantly, they want to know which areas people are struggling with so they can actually respond and plug skill gaps as they happen ––whether it’s helping people have conversations about race or understanding that managers are ill-equipped to coach their teams through turbulent times.

That’s where Hive Learning comes in. We’ll give you meaningful data and insight you can act on in hours, not months.

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Measuring change is hard. We're making it easier.

Our four part formula uses a series of indicators to assess whether new behaviours are being put into practice.

Understand motivation and engagement

Are people showing up to your change digital programmes and starting to exhibit desired behaviours? We'll assess 10 different types of interaction, like whether people are engaging with your content and having meaningful conversations with their peers.

Observe an increase in knowledge and action

Through pre-and-post surveys, regular pulse checks, and our 'Action Checks' feature, we'll build a picture of whether people are committing to and putting new habits into action, and observing them in others.

See where change is stalling or new needs are popping up

We'll help you spot champions and find out who the people are who frequently prompt peers to participate, where conversation is bubbling up and people are struggling, or which teams or cohorts are less engaged than others.

Business outcomes

No two organisations are the same, so we'll work with you to map your programme to the business outcomes you need to deliver and bake in measurement throughout your programmes. Plus, we can work with your internal team to cross-reference your data too.

Insight you can’t get anywhere else

Get new data about how learning is happening across your organization

New playbook recommendations

Based on what your data is telling us, we'll deliver you with a set of playbook recommendations that describes where to go next

Cross-industry benchmarking and insight

Understand which peer learning plays typically work in organizations like yours, plus how your organization compares to others like it

Deep monthly insights reports

Get deep insights reports which identify common issues and challenges in your workforce and which tactics are and aren't activating peer learning

Real-time analytics

Get access to insights fast with real-time analytics and your learning culture score; we’ll help you understand who is engaging, when, where and how

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"Hive Learning and their peer learning solution has changed the way we connect with our people. It has made it possible to share ideas and experiences in an engaging way, and enabled greater collaboration across geographical boundaries during challenging times. "

Richard Drake

Managing Director, Babcock DST

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