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Access to more skills than you can hire

From learning design, to marketing, to data science, we'll be with you every step of the way

Change is a journey. We’ll be your guide.

At Hive Learning, the Talent Leaders we often partner with are innovators. They’re shaking up the status quo and trying fresh new approaches to get their business the results they need – no matter how traditional the organization.

That means that for many of the people we work with, it’s the first time they’ve tried using a Sprint based approach to embedding learning at scale. Or maybe they’ve tried other forms of digital learning in the past that haven’t worked.

Just like creating behavior change, embedding a new model for learning is a journey too. That’s why our team will be with you every step of the way and far beyond just implementation.

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Designing your peer learning playbook

We’ll be an extension of your team and work with you to deliver results

Design and launch support

We’ll help you bring your vision to life. From helping you design your learner value proposition to your engagement playbook, we can even stage manage your deployment for you

Agile test and learn approach

Working in sprints, we’ll take a test and learn approach to trying out activation plays, reviewing and measuring your progress regularly, and adapting delivery as a result

Training and support for your team

If this approach is new to you (or even if it isn't), we’ll support and train your team to design their own playbook, upskill, and eventually deliver your programs themselves

An extension of your team

We know that Talent teams can be stretched, so we offer specialist support in areas like content strategy and creation, community management, and campaign management whenever you need us

Access to more skills than you can possibly hire

Get new data about how learning is happening across your organization

Campaign management and marketing

We'll help you design your learner value proposition, run ongoing campaigns to keep engagement and action sky high, and much much more

Content and learning design

Our team of content specialists will help you design and build programs mapped to the specific outcomes and behaviours you need to change

Data science

Our team of data scientists will work with you to give you deep insight into what's happening in your organisation and help you understand what to do about it.

Organisational psychology

We've gathered millions of data points on what it takes to make change happen. Access to all of our learning on what does (and doesn't) work so you can make progress faster.

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"Hive Learning and their peer learning solution has changed the way we connect with our people. It has made it possible to share ideas and experiences in an engaging way, and enabled greater collaboration across geographical boundaries during challenging times. "

Richard Drake

Managing Director, Babcock DST

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