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The State of Leadership 2021

2021 brings hope, and also a new reality. The skills we need from leaders now are not the skills we needed from leaders 10, five, or even two years ago. Organizations and their people need to be prepared to handle constant future disruptions. They need to be ready to adapt, unlearn, relearn, upskill, reskill, and respond to the many unknowns still to come.

We asked people leaders two questions.

1. What skills and behaviors do leaders need to survive and thrive through 2021 and beyond?

2. What does that mean for how we deliver leadership development now?

The insights are featured in this practical, actionable playbook.

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There's been a fundamental shift in the role of a leader. There are real details that people leaders need to take note of. They'll need to adapt to thrive.

Francis Lake

Head of Organisation Development, Virgin Money UK

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