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Inclusion Works Podcast

About Inclusion Works

Hive Learning are proud to host Inclusion Works – a podcast exploring the secrets of building an inclusive culture at work and in the community, featuring practical advice from the movers, shakers and changemakers bringing fresh thinking to the inclusion debate.

We’ve spent the last year curating more than 1,000 leading sources on diversity and inclusion and and speaking to inspiring experts, advisors, clients, prospects and friends about the most effective ways to build an inclusive culture daily.

And as part of that mission, we wanted to share all of the actionable advice we picked up over the past year (as well as everything we’ve yet to learn) with all of you.

Latest Resources

64. Why bringing your whole self to work is the key to being a great leader with Blandine Lacroix

Blandine Lacroix, Corporate Vice President, Strategy & Rare Disease at Novo Nordisk, shares the 3 things that she believes make an inclusive...

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Inclusion Works Ep.70 Fiona Ibáñez-Major

Fiona shares her own experience of Imposter Syndrome and explores how our workplaces can create and support feelings of inadequacy.  She also...

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Ep. 63 The importance of self-care for DEI leaders with Watikqua Lange of T. Rowe Price

Watikqua Lange, Vice President; Diversity, Equity, Inclusion at T. Rowe Price joins us this week to talk about the importance of self-care for...

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