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Jaguar Land Rover champions change with Hive Learning

Together with Hive Learning, Jaguar Land Rover connected thousands of line managers on a global scale to embed a culture of continuous learning and development.


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“It’s really helped connect all our line managers as a community. It’s helped conversations flow, not only within the UK, but across the market internationally. These conversations just weren’t happening before. It’s been really transformational.”
Hannah Moger, Leadership Development Manager, Jaguar Land Rover


Jaguar Land Rover is the UK’s largest automotive manufacturer, employing over 43,000 people and manufacturing in Asia, South America and Europe in addition to its central site in the UK.

The business is in an industry that sees constant change and needed learning program to reflect that. Jaguar Land Rover’s diverse group of line managers were working across different continents with anywhere between a few weeks’ to decades of experience.

Jaguar Land Rover needed a way to upskill all of their line managers to embrace, champion, and lead through change effectively. They wanted to align employees to their core business values and in particular, encourage line managers to really live the ‘customer first’ principle.

Jaguar Land Rover's Hannah Moger on why they need a platform like Hive Learning

Line managers had face-to-face training, but Head of Leadership Development Hannah Moger recognized that line managers would need an ongoing program of activity if behavior change was to stick. The program couldn’t be static or one-off. They needed a way to help busy line managers put new behaviors into practice – overcoming the forgetting curve, holding them accountable, and creating a support network that encouraged them to keep up momentum as they set about creating mindset shifts in their teams.

Supporting face-to-face training with Hive Learning

Jaguar Land Rover chose Hive Learning as their partner to scale the delivery of their digital learning to 1000s of line managers simultaneously, using a programmatic cohort-based delivery model.

Jaguar Land Rover's Hannah Moger on how Hive Learning is a good way of connecting line managers in a way not possible before

Many organizations are nervous about disrupting the status quo with any kind of change or rollout at this scale, but Hive Learning was able to support Jaguar Land Rover closely with their Customer Success Team and bring 5,000 line managers onto the platform.

Jaguar Land Rover's Sean Hand on how the Hive Learning team supported them throughout the entire journey

The digital platform was used to take line managers through the Great Line Manager program. By putting every line manager through this peer-learning program, everyone shared the same learning journey. Over 18 months, 1000s of line managers were onboarded on the platform.

The secret behind the success of Jaguar Land Rover’s Great Line Manager program was how Hive Learning’s platform created a peer-learning network. Line managers were learning from the content and collaboratively through each other’s experiences. People were able to share ideas at a global level, generating a collective knowledge that improved the individual knowledge of each line manager.

Jaguar Land Rover's Kirsty pitcher on how they expanded Hive Learning to 5,000 line managers to foster collaboration

From learner interactions in the peer-learning program, Jaguar Land Rover was able to identify gaps in knowledge and address learners’ needs quickly and with fresh content.

In just 18 months, Jaguar Land Rover saw the tangible effects of its Great Line Manager program and the coveted goal for every people development program: behavior change.

Jaguar Land Rover's Joanne Roberts on the impact of Hive learning on the business

At a glance:

Industry: Motor Vehicle Manufacturing

Region: EMEA

Employees: 43,000

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