Captured is now Hive Learning

The collaborative learning app that gets people learning together everyday.

Why change?

Capturing content will always be important to us but it’s not everything that we’re about. Our platform is a place for peer groups & learning partners to collaborate and improve together.

So we’ve decided to choose a new name which embodies this.

Why Hive Learning?

Hive Learning is a positive emotive word that represents:

  • Energy
  • Activity
  • People

A living place where stuff gets done, collaborative by nature.

iOS App

For users of our iOS App, if you update to the latest version or have auto-updates enabled, please look out for the Hive Learning logo on your home screen.

Look out for the Hive Learning logo on your home screen

Email notifications

If you are recieveing email notifications from Captured, please look out for our new email address

Feedback and help

We're always interested to hear feedback or answer any questions. Just drop us a line at