Acceleration Hub by Hive Learning

Work will never be the same again

Back when companies and countries began to enter lockdown in varying stages across the globe, it seemed one of the biggest challenges our businesses faced was making the transition to remote and socially distanced working.

But it’s becoming increasingly clear that work will never be the same again and this is just the beginning. Closing down was easy in comparison to starting back up.

As we restructure our businesses, adopt new ways of working, respond to changing customer behaviour, and support our people through difficult transitions, agility is critical.

Give your people the tools to accelerate out of the crisis

Design your own Acceleration Hub and bring together your workforce from around the globe to unite, collaborate, ideate, and problem-solve faster as we find new ways of working.

Give your people access to one central source of truth to get the latest information, guidance and advice the moment it becomes available. And help them develop the skills they need to adapt to a new world of work — from crisis leadership to remote management to operating with agility.

We’ll take your people on a journey from awareness to action through a powerful combination of top-down and bottom-up – going beyond theory and distilling critical concepts into 15-minute actionable bursts of learning they can put into practice immediately.

A true partnership

Behaviour change doesn’t happen overnight. And we get it. It’s notoriously difficult to engage senior leaders in digital learning especially in times of crisis.

But we’ve done it. Many times. We’ve literally written a playbook on it. We see weekly active usage of up to 90% and in fact, 88% of learners on our programmes take action on what they’ve learnt.

No person, no business and no culture is the same. So we’ll work with you to adapt our programmes to your culture, deploy quickly, keep engagement levels high and provide rich insight along the way.

Measure. Tailor. Watch change happen.

We’ll start your programme by taking a pulse check of your organisation to help you understand which areas you need to focus on most.

Our flexible and agile content formulation will help you mix and match the right content for your teams based on your most pressing priorities so we can deliver them with relevant, interactive bursts of bite-sized learning.

And our regular pulse checks, predictive analytics and powerful insights will give you the tools to report, track and measure the impact of your programmes so you can watch change happen.

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