Joseph Millson on screen auditions

Gain crucial advice from one of the UK's most successful screen actors


These interviews are featured in my new book, ‘How to Audition Your Way To Success’. One of my expert contributors is screen actor Joseph Millson.

Joseph Millson is one of his generations most respected theatre actors. He has played leading roles at the National Theatre, the Royal Shakespeare Company.  Where he is currently playing the title role in ‘The Rover’

On Screen he is well known for his leading roles in dozens of television series including Banished, 24 live Another Day, Holby City , The Sarah Jane Adventures, Ashes to Ashes, Eastenders and Peak Practice He has appeared in fourteen feature films including Casino Royale, The Dead 2, Telstar, and the lead role in the soon to be released thriller The Chameleon.

In this series of podcast Joe offers invaluable advice to anyone going onto an audition for the screen. 

We discuss the specific demands that a screen audition will have over a stage audition, how to make yourself stand out from all the rest and develop an attitude that will carry you through the times when work isn’t coming in.  Joe also offers his opinion on the business in general -how it works and how you should work within it.